Depending on the conversation carbohydrates could be the best thing on earth or your worst enemy. Society has confounded the principles of carbohydrates and how it can benefit the body.  Carbohydrates serve many functions in the body from performance to weight management. The main function of carbs is to supply our bodies with the energy to do work. Carbs also serve to spare protein and indirectly aids in nutrient absorption by stimulating an insulin response which increases uptake by the cells in muscle tissue. As we all have heard carbs are the primary source of fuel for the brain and regulate fat metabolism. So, why are low carb diets are so popular?

Those who choose to follow low carb diets are usually people looking for immediate results. So, why is it so successful? Carbohydrates are the macronutrient with the most influence on weight fluctuations when manipulated, thus giving people instant gratification. The problem with this approach is that most people desire to lose fat, yet during a low carb diet, they are initially experiencing loss of water. Typically, men have more muscle than women and have a propensity to lose more weight due to larger storage capacity. People who choose to follow a low carb diet should structure carbs around their workout to optimize performance while still feeling the gratification of weight loss. This will ensure the protein-sparing benefits as opposed to the muscles being deprived and ultimately leading the body to using protein for energy instead of the primary source.

When it comes to performance, a poorly planned low carb diet can be detrimental because the body demands fuel during intense physical activity. It is known that people who adequately fuel their workout experience have better performance than not. This phenomenon supports the basic principles of the body’s physiological response. Carbs are designed to hydrate and equip muscles to do immediate work, thus providing fuel when needed. It is known that a 5% decrease in hydration could decrease the capacity to do work by 30%.

Yes, carbs are important for fuel but not all carbs are created equal. Carbs are an umbrella term and can be classified as sugar, fibre, and complex. Sugar is the carb that most people consider bad. The problem is that society has placed all carbs in the same box which has created a misconception in terms of performance and weight management. The truth is that there are no bad carbs and that they all serve a specific purpose. Sugar could be used for high endurance athletes to ensure that the body has adequate fuel during long bouts of strenuous physical activity. Complex carbs whether refined or whole serve to level blood sugars and regulate insulin sensitivity.  Fibre serves to slow gastric emptying which could slow down the rate of absorption and prevent hyperglycemic rebound post-exercise. The question is which type of carbs best serve to optimize performance.

It is well studied that liquid carbs are absorbed the fastest and serve to optimize performance without feeling bloated and uncomfortable during exercise. Liquid carbs can be broken down further into powdered form in two main types which include sugary sports drinks and complex carbohydrates. Research shows that powdered complex carbs combined in a liquid have amazing benefits. The main benefit is that it avoids the insulin spike which could bring on the sugar crash which happens with most sugary sports drinks.

Pro/Carb is unique because not only is it a liquid complex carb, but it is made from sweet potatoes and arrowroot instead of lower quality complex carbs that are blended from low-quality sources. Because Pro/Carb is made with higher quality complex carbs, athletes can gain the benefits of the protein-sparing effects post-workout due to the lasting effects of liquid carbs in stabilizing blood sugars. Pro/Carb is also unique in that it regulates insulin sensitivity which leads to optimum protein and nutrient absorption post-workout as opposed to an overstimulated response that some athletes experience due to sugary sports drinks thus creating a crash in energy. Lastly, there are no artificial sweeteners, colours, or binders that most products are flooded with.

Pro/Carb is an awesome pre-work supplement because of the fast absorption and immediate supply of fuel to the muscles. It is also set apart due to the protein-sparing properties and the benefits of avoiding the sugar crash that many products on the market are notorious for. Pro/Carb goes beyond performance and into overall health, by cutting out the unnecessary additives unlike most products on the market today. Why settle for less quality. Own your workout today and choose a product that will optimize your performance and health.

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