We manufacture the world’s cleanest supplements. It’s not the easiest way but it’s the best way. By controlling our manufacturing and supply chain we are able to deliver the highest potency supplements without binders, harsh chemicals, or fillers.


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Every bag of protein is hand filled to eliminate the use of flow agents.
Every product is run in small batches to keep consistency and quality.

We use only clean, organic ingredients that come from the most reputable source.

We never use artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or harsh chemicals.

We Manufacture Greatness by doing things the hard way. The right way. The only way we know how.

You won’t find Genetically Modified Organisms, synthetic ingredients or fillers in our 10 Performance product line.

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Powerful recovery formula made with velvet antler extract and Tribulus.

10 Performance uses the highest quality antler extract available, derived from elk raised in the United States. Velvet antler extract contains a naturally-balanced matrix of growth factors that support recovery, improve performance, rebuild damaged muscle tissue, reduce soreness, balance hormones, and improve energy.


Fueling World Class Athletes

CrossFit Champions, Triathletes, Bodybuilding Champions— 10 Performance helps them all manufacture greatness.

Aaron Hanna

CrossFit Regionals 2013-2018 Operator and owner CrossFit Westchase Tampa and Largo. 12th CrossFit Games 2015.

Jeremy Hilsen

CrossFit Games 2017 and Regionals 2014, 2017

Sue Velott

Retired pension actuary, Owner of CrossFit Westchase and CrossFit Westchase Largo, Qualified for Online Qualifier (top 200 in world) every year since starting – 2014-2019

Dillon Bailey

Firefighter/EMT, CrossFit Regionals 2016-2018, 7th in 2017 at Regionals CrossFit Westchase

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