63 Years Old

Littleton, Colorado

“I have been using many 10 Performance for about 8 months now. All of the products I have been taking have significantly changed my life. My FAVORITE product would be RPM. I have always had sleeping issues. Where my issues lie are falling asleep and once I am asleep, staying asleep.

After about 3 or 4 nights of taking the  RPM consistently, I have noticed a major change! I am actually sleeping throughout the night without waking up. I am waking up feeling refreshed. I was very skeptical and nervous that it would make me feel groggy and sluggish like the most sleep aid type of products does. RPM is the complete opposite of that!

I feel extremely well-rested and full of energy. I have the energy to continue running my own business and play with my grandchildren also! Thank you 10 Performance.”