PRO-RECOVER Ashwagandha With All-Natural Deer Velvet Antler Extract

PRO-RECOVER Ashwagandha With All-Natural Deer Velvet Antler Extract

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The Ashwagandha in PRO-RECOVER may support

  • Hormone Balancing
  • Reduced Cortisol
  • Improved Sleep

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PRO-RECOVER Ashwagandha With All-Natural Deer Velvet Antler Extract

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Available in 3 strengths.

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ROOKIE 750, ADVANCED 1500 or ELITE 4500.

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Intense training sessions are necessary for the greatest gains in performance and muscle growth but allowing exhausted muscles to repair and recuperate from those training sessions is just as crucial to prevent serious damage over time.

Help the body recover faster with the Ten Performance PRO-RECOVER line. PRO-RECOVER supplements are Ten Performance’s all-natural, velvet antler extract formulas designed to enhance training capacity while aiding in recovery. Ten Performance uses the highest quality antler extract available, derived from elk raised in the United States. Velvet antler extract contains a naturally balanced matrix of growth factor proteins and is the great source of collagen protein. Additionally, PRO-RECOVER Ashwagandha has the hormone modulating the power of Ashwagandha. PRO-RECOVER Ashwagandha contains a proprietary blend of velvet antler extract and Ashwagandha.



  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Lower cortisol levels
  • Better sleep

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Elk Harmed During Extraction? minus plus

No, elk are not harmed during the extraction process. Their antlers regenerate annually, and meticulous care is taken to ensure their well-being throughout the harvesting process, akin to clipping nails.

Why is VAE So Powerful? minus plus

With 18 bio-identical growth factors, VAE offers a wide range of health benefits, supported by the rapid growth rate and impressive size of elk antlers. This natural wonder provides a rich source of nutritional components vital for overall health.

What is IGF-1? minus plus

IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) is a naturally occurring hormone associated with numerous health benefits. Our product offers a bio-identical form of IGF-1, free from synthetic or isolated versions, to ensure safety and efficacy.

Why Sublingual Administration? minus plus

Sublingual administration maximizes absorption, allowing bioactive molecules to enter the bloodstream directly through oral and cheek lining. This approach ensures optimal bioactivity, absorption, and effectiveness of 10 Performance products.