38 Years Old

Tampa, Florida

“My name is Jarrod Macklin. I am a former Division 1 Track and Field sprinter 2 times Ohio Valley Conference Athlete of the Year 2001-2002. I moved down to Florida in 2004 and picked up flag football as a hobby and turned into a passion as I still play competitively today at age 38.

In 2010 I was playing on turf and tore my ACL… At the time I was 30 years old and knew I loved football so much I wanted to get back on the field ASAP… I had heard of antler through the media on how World Champion Ray Lewis and how it helped him recover from his injury in half the time… I contacted a friend (trainer Shayne) and he had access to the antler (RecoverRX) and I began taking it two weeks after my surgery .. I went to my 6 weeks check up with the doctor and he asked what I had been doing because my knee was healing at a faster rate then he’s is accustomed to seeing after a ACL surgery… He was in awe! I was in awe!

In 5 months I was back playing Flag football running at full speed with no knee brace… I have been playing every Sunday ever since, and I mean every Sunday !! I can put a treadmill on a 15 incline at 12 mph and run for 2 minutes… and I’m 38. I love this product and I believe in it so much that I joined 10 Performance!! Because of Recover RX, I could continue my passion!!!! Taking a 5-yard hitch to the house on a 21-year-old with fresh legs… Thank you 10!”