Every bag of protein is hand filled to eliminate the use of flow agents.

Every product is run in small batches to keep consistency and quality.

We use only clean, ingredients that come from the most reputable sources.

We never use artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or harsh chemicals.

There are no synthetic ingredients or fillers in our Ten Performance product line.

We manufacture greatness by doing things the hard way. The right way. The only way we know how.


Ten Performance is run by a one-man army, Shayne Sallee. The fact that Shayne loves fitness is an understatement. His love for skateboarding and BMX riding as a youth later led to a lifetime career in the fitness industry as an adult. In 2007, immersing himself in CrossFit helped him lose 80lbs, as well as start a new passion for helping others. In 2008, he became a CrossFit coach, and in 2009 and 2010 he went to the CrossFit Games as a judge. In 2011, the CrossFit community supported him through a tough season in his life when he had a health scare that had him visiting the Florida cancer center. During this season, he talked to other people going through similar health problems about the changes they would make after their diagnosis. 

Having learned so much about what causes health problems and what could prevent them, most of them said they would take better care of their bodies moving forward. This meant that they would avoid all harsh chemicals or anything else that would be toxic to their health. Coming out of that season healthier, stronger and wiser, Shayne is now proud to say that he has a company that helps others take care of their bodies and promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing clean, all-natural, products free of harsh chemicals.