Age: 39 Years Old

Dyersburg, Tennessee

Jessica and her husband Brian have 3 Daughters, 1 Son, and 1 Grandson. Jessica has been in the fitness world since she was 23 years old and is currently a Certified Personal Trainer. She recently became a member of 10 Performance and her results are taking everyone by storm.

Jessica is currently taking:

  • RecoverPro Female
  • RPM
  • PME
  • Hydrocell
  • Pre-Workout
  • BCAA
  • TPR
  • Pro/Clein Protein

When asked what made her start taking 10 Products, her answer was everything that we as a company stand for.

“Because it is clean, there is no BS in the products! I like to call them naked. Everything you need is in the bottle; nothing more and nothing less.”

“While on a low-calorie diet, I expected to feel extremely tired and sluggish. My mind is completely blown right now! My energy is high and I am hitting new goals and new breaking points in the gym each day. At 39 years old, I am now able to lift more than I ever have. This is all because of 10!”

My fitness philosophy is based on maintaining balance in all aspects of life. I believe that anyone can achieve the level of fitness they desire without having to sacrifice all of the comforts they know and love. I don’t believe in restriction, but I do believe it is about making it a lifestyle. It’s finding what gets the results you want and at the same time, keeping you happy throughout the journey. Being fit and feeling great go and in hand.