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(Formally known as Targeted Peptide Recovery Serum)

PRO-REPAIR is a professional grade growth factor formula, a topical recovery serum to spot treat problem areas. It is a special blend of velvet antler and anti-inflammatory carrier oils that work synergistically to combat muscle soreness and damage, helping your muscles recover faster. With an easy application formula, PRO-REPAIR combats soreness after exertion and supports joint and muscle health.

Unlike other brands designed to temporarily mask pain, PRO-REPAIR helps relieve soreness while delivering growth factors to support the regeneration of damaged tissue. The concentrated delivery of growth factors provides the basic building blocks to rebuild tissues in the body. These growth factors are suspended in non-allergenic, natural topical carrier oils. These oils pass the growth factors into damaged areas and effectively draw the blood supply to the injury, thus accelerating the circulation of red blood cells. This is a great alternative for those who are looking for a non-invasive way to support the acceleration of recovery from injury.


  • Is easy to apply
  • Delivers growth factors
  • Accelerates circulation
  • Contains all-natural, anti-inflammatory oils
  • Combats soreness after exertion
  • Supports joint & muscle health

It works best when taken in conjunction with our base formula PRO-RECOVER.

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