Recover | Female


Recover | Female

Help your body recover faster with the 10 Performance RECOVER line. RECOVER supplements are 10 Performance’s all-natural, velvet antler extract formulas designed to enhance training capacity while aiding in recovery. Additionally, RECOVER Female contains the growth-enhancing properties of ashwaganha, which helps to build and enhance muscle which, in turn, can assist with weight loss. RECOVER Female contains a 25mg proprietary blend of velvet antler extract and ashwagnandha per serving. 1 FL OZ. (30 mL). 1 FL OZ. (30 mL).


RECOVER™ is a powerful recovery formula made with velvet antler extract and ashwagandha. 10 Performance uses the highest quality antler extract available, derived from elk raised in the United States. Velvet antler extract contains a naturally-balanced matrix of growth factors that support recovery, improve performance, rebuild damaged muscle tissue, reduce soreness, balance hormones, and improve energy. The ashwagandha in RECOVER™ also assists in increasing cognition, balancing hormones, improve cardiovascular health, and regulating and improving immune response.

Supports and/or Enhances:

  • Strength gains
  • Training capacity
  • Performance
  • Lean muscle growth
  • Fat loss
  • Glandular function
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Reduced muscle soreness following exercise

Intense training sessions are necessary for the greatest gains in performance and muscle growth, but allowing exhausted muscles to repair and recuperate from those training sessions is just as crucial. Allowing soreness to build without adequate rest time can cause serious damage over time. Overtraining can lead to decreased performance, lingering soreness, muscle atrophy, suppression of anabolic hormones, secretion of catabolic hormones, fat gain, and overuse injuries in tendons and ligaments.


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