Hand Repair & Recovery Lotion


Repairs & Rebuilds Tissues

Hand Repair™ is a topical recovery serum to spot treat problem areas. The concentrated delivery of growth factors provides the basic building blocks to rebuild tissues in & the epidermal layers the body. These growth factors are suspended in non-allergenic, natural topical carrier oils. These oils pass the growth factors into damaged areas and effectively draw the blood upply to the injury, thus accelerating circulation of red blood cells. This is a great alternative for those who are looking for a non-invasive way to support the acceleration of recovery from injury. 1 OZ. (30 mL).



Benefits of Hand Repair & Recovery Lotion:

  • Easy application
  • Prevents future tears & rips in hands
  • Decrease hand recovery time by improving tissue recovery
  • Contains all-natural, anti-inflammatory oils
  • Combats soreness after exertion


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