Egg White Protein


ITP – Ionic Transformative Protein

IONIC TRANSFORMATIVE PROTEIN (ITP) is a functional food mix with only 7 ingredients. These ingredients are all functional foods, each one with a specific purpose beyond its macronutrient profile. ITP provides complete protein, electrolytes, trace minerals, and healthy fats that work together to protect, nourish, and revitalize the body. Additionally, ITP contains specific ingredients to aid in workout recovery and support the immune system. ITP has fast digestibility, a high leucine content, and a complete amino acid profile. 18.4 OZ. (1.15 lbs).

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ITP – EGG WHITE PROTEIN™ is a functional food mix that delivers 25 grams of complete protein, 800 mg of Omega-3, 600 mg of IgA and 74 trace minerals and electrolytes per serving. All of the ingredients chosen for ITP™ are functional foods that work together to protect, nourish and revitalize the body. Unlike other companies whose products are ridden with artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and genetically modified raw materials, 10 Performance™ has invested in researching every available ingredient to ensure each component has a purpose beyond its macronutrient profile. ITP™ can be used as a meal replacement or post workout protein to enhance recovery and results without compromising your health. “Protein so pure, it’s a functional food.”

  • 25 grams of complete protein per serving
  • 800 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving
  • Comprised of all functional ingredients
  • No whey or soy protein sources
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives

Adequate protein intake is vital for the growth, maintenance, and repair of all cells, including muscle cells. Factors that determine protein quality are the protein source, amino acid profile, leucine content, digestibility, and an absence of fillers, dyes, and artificial sweeteners. Choosing a protein can often be difficult due to the hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals found in most whey proteins and the phytoestrogens, insufficient amino acid profile, and slow digestibility of soy and vegetable proteins.


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