“Trust has to be earned. After a decade of manufacturing the cleanest products on the market, we feel that we have earned the trust of our customers by our commitment to producing all-natural, high-quality products. It’s not easy or cheap, but it’s reliable. It’s the 10 way.”


Our Mission & Product

Our mission at Ten Performance is to supply the cleanest supplements on the market by using the highest quality all-natural, raw ingredients. Ten Performance takes the extra steps necessary to ensure the greatness of the products we manufacture. This starts with sourcing from all over the world to find the absolute best materials. Our products have no binders, chemicals, fillers, GMOs, or potentially other harmful ingredients. Every bag of protein is hand filled to eliminate the use of flow agents. This means that our products are 100% clean!

We are fully integrated into the whole process of manufacturing our velvet antler products. We are 100% farmed and manufactured in the United States. The elk are raised and well cared for on our farm in Idaho. Once we extract the raw material it’s shipped to our manufacturing facility In Tampa, Florida, where it’s bottled in our FDA compliant facility. This ensures that the final product is the purest single source of IGF-1 and other superfood materials. We use a ratio of 43:1 for our products, which means we begin the process with 43 pounds of antler material and extract it down to only 1 pound of the purified product.

Our unique 3 step extraction process allows us to provide velvet antler extract that is the most bio-actively available on the market.

We also use sublingual delivery in all of our liquids to ensure you are absorbing up to 90% of your supplement. Unlike encapsulated formulas, sublingual delivery is not filtered by the liver and can reach systemic circulation intact, which results in greater bioavailability for the body.

Our CEO of Ten Performance

Shayne Sallee has always loved fitness. His love for skateboarding and BMX riding as a youth later led to a lifetime career in fitness as an adult. In 2007, immersing himself in CrossFit helped him lose 80lbs, as well as start a new passion for helping others. In 2008, he became a CrossFit coach, and in 2009 and 2010 he went to the CrossFit Games as a judge.

In 2011, the CrossFit community supported him through a tough season in his life when he had a health scare that had him visiting the Florida cancer center. During this season, he talked to other people going through similar health problems about the changes they would make after their diagnosis. Having learned so much about what causes health problems and what could prevent them, most of them said they would take better care of their bodies moving forward, meaning they would avoid all chemicals or anything else that would be toxic to their health. Coming out of that season healthier, stronger and wiser, Shayne is now proud to say that he has a company that helps others take care of their bodies and promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing clean, all-natural, chemical free products.